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What are the benefits of silver on the immune system

Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, noted biomedical researcher from Syracuse University, and author of “The Body Electric” and “Cross Currents”, recognized a correlation between low silver levels and sickness. He said silver deficiency is responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system. According to Dr. Becker and Dr. Gary Smith, silver is an essential mineral for proper functioning of the immune system and for the repair of injured tissue. Analyses of individuals with severe immune deficiency often indicate a lower than normal level of silver in the body which should be .001%.  Colloidal silver literature recommends a maintenance nutritional dose of at least 100 micrograms of silver daily to counteract  immunodeficiency.

As we grow older our immune systems decline in function at an average rate of 1% per year. This system not only defends the body from poisons and outside invaders, it is also responsible for cleansing the body of toxins, and is also responsible for the creation and feeding of new cells. The immune system is a central computer whose function is to maintain good health. When we reach the age of 18 to 21, the immune system is functioning at peak efficiency. When we are younger, we can fight off minor infections but as we grow older, trivial infections or colds may turn into life threatening events.

 A good immune system should be able to withstand common ailments such as a cold, flu, or candidiasis, herpes. Even the more serious illnesses of cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS could be deterred if the human immune system were strong and vital. Over the last century, human (and animal) immune systems have been getting weaker likely due to global pollution combined with lack of essential minerals in the soil. While at the same time, destructive, illness causing microbes have been getting stronger due to the overuse of prescribed antibiotics.  An antibiotic may kill most of the harmful bacteria. However, some of the bacteria survive to breed stronger cells which then become resistant to the antibiotic. There are now strains of super microbes that are unkillable by any known prescribed antibiotic. Obviously, there is a crisis brewing in the condition of life on this planet. Most humans are functioning with a borderline internal immune system often insufficient to fight off disease.

The modern immune system is overtaxed daily with the constant bombardment of chemical pollutants in the air, water and even our food. Before 1940, most of our food was grown using organic, natural fertilizer. The soil and natural fertilizer contained many trace chemicals necessary to the human body which supported its natural defense system. Today, the soil itself is far less vital and the fertilizers are synthetic, chemical versions which have none of the trace elements found in organic fertilizer. One of those essential elements which has been disappearing from our food supply is silver. If we eat plants grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown today, without living organisms in the soil to help provide nutrition to the plant, we do not get the quality of vitamins and minerals that are available in organically grown foods. Thus, deficiencies develop. As the tissues age, or if we cannot assimilate silver for some reason, we develop a silver deficiency and an impaired immune system that could possibly lead to cancer and other diseases.

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