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Silver-A Powerful Antibiotic

Silver is an extremely powerful antimicrobial agent. For thousands of years, silver was used in its less effective (solid) form; more recently though, it has been used in its colloidal form with no reported side effects. Colloidal silver is a catalyst that disables the particular enzyme used for oxygen metabolism by all single celled pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc). The result is suffocation or starvation. The zeta potential (electrical charge) on the silver particles destroy pathogens by causing their internal protoplast to collapse. What is a colloid? A colloid refers to a substance that consists of ultra fine particles that do not dissolve, but instead remain suspended in the purified water. These ultra fine particles are larger than most molecules, yet too small to be visible by the naked eye. Colloidal silver is not a chemical compound containing silver, but a pure metallic silver in clusters in the size range of less than 10 nm (nanometers). They are held in suspension by the small electrical charge on each atom; this is called the zeta potential. Colloidal silver can be administered in many ways: oral, rectal, vaginal, nasal, via IV. It can also be used as a gargle and mouth rinse.


1) Wound Dressings: Adding colloidal silver to wounds and dressings may help prevent infection.

2) Endotracheal Tubing: Using colloidal silver in these tubes will prolong the time that bacteria are NOT present within the tube, thus extending the life.

3) Surgical Masks: Colloidal silver coated masks result in major reductions in the transmission of E. coli and S. aureus.

4) Drinking water: Colloidal silver is able to disinfect drinking water.

The Benefits Of Colloidal Silver Use In Hospitals

In England, copper-silver ionization is applied in about 120 hospitals successfully for the deactivation of Legionella bacteria, which causes deadly pneumonia when inhaled, usually in showers.
In the United States, copper-silver ionization is mainly used for swimming pool water disinfection. Copper-silver is often used to limit disinfection byproducts formation during chlorine disinfection

Copper-silver ionization is applied in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent the distribution of Legionella bacteria. The main source of Legionella distribution is the warm water system. Circumstances in warm water systems are ideal for Legionella bacteria to grow and multiply. Contagion mainly takes place through inhalation of shower steam. Copper-silver ionization can sufficiently kill Legionella bacteria.

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