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Turmeric Wound Salve (Pre-Order Only)


This salve is amazing for healing wounds, from minor cuts/abrasions to pressure ulcers!


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New and Improved!

This salve is loaded with infused organic turmeric, calendula, chamomile and goldenseal leaf. Each of these ingredients were chosen for their wound healing and/or anti-inflammatory properties. Oils include organic olive, avocado and coconut oils, which provide soothing and antifungal properties to the skin and area that needs to heal. To make this salve even more effective for the purpose of healing wounds, we also added zinc. Topically zinc helps with wound debridement and has an anti-inflammatory effect (working in synergy with the turmeric). The essential oils used in this salve have the functions of restoring, healing and soothing.

4 oz container

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