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Teething Oil


An all natural teething oil with herbs to soothe irritated, inflamed gums and decrease the associated pain.

2 oz bottle

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Teething is a normal process for all babies; it can also be very painful. Many times, parents tend to turn to commercialized products when caring for their children. This is because these brands are very commonly known and they are easy to access quickly (a trip to the drug store, etc). Although intentions may be good, these products can be very harmful to our children.

Our teething oil is infused with herbs to assist babies when the teething process is occurring. We have incorporated herbs to perform the following actions: provide pain relief, calm/soothe and reduce inflammation. Our teething oil is non-toxic and all natural. You can trust our oil to help relieve the symptoms associated with teething, while knowing that you are not introducing any harmful products into your baby’s body.



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