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Every now and then, as soap makers, soap doesn’t turn out the way you anticipated. We are very picky, so if we don’t like how a batch of soap looks, we usually just give it all away.
However, this has cost us so much because we lose everything (cost of material and time)! After much contemplating, we decided to go ahead and do what we have talked about for years…

There is NOTHING wrong with this soap. It is made just like all of our soap with colloidal silver (the Sacred Goddess bar also has colloidal copper, and sometimes colloidal gold). They may aesthetically look different from the soap we post. There are some bars in which the initial smell of the essential oil is not potent until you begin using it to bathe or shower. None of these diminish the quality of our soap.

This listing allows us to recoup some of our costs in the soap making process!


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Oops Bars

Sacred Goddess Oops Bar, Regular Oops Bar


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