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Olive Leaf Tincture


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Olive leaves (Olea europea) are very valuable in the plant medicinal world. They contain constituents like flavonoids and glycosides (oleuropein). Some of the more notable actions include: hypotensive activity (helping to lower blood pressure), antioxidant activity (which supports the cardiovascular system) antimicrobial activity (helping to ward off some viral, bacterial and fungal infections). Because olive leaf is a bitter tonic, it also has hypoglycemic activity (helping to control blood sugar levels). The leaves may also be used externally (topically) as an antiseptic.

This herb has the ability to interact with pharmaceutical medicines like blood thinners (increases the action). Because of this, take caution with pain killers and aspirin, as well as herbs that contain salicylic acid.

This herb may potentially lower blood glucose levels. If you are taking insulin, please be mindful and keep track of your blood sugar levels and speak to your healthcare provider.


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