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Complete Body Detox (Vegetable Capsules)



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What is a cleanse?

Many people refer to juicing as a cleanse (which is a liquid diet for a period of time). Many people use this term as more of a fad diet and will have you believe that you will lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Some people take formulas for a colon cleanse from health food stores and don’t make any other changes in the specified period of time. We somehow believe that if we do these things for a short period of time, it will clean us out thoroughly and we will be free to continue our way of living with no issues. While the above mentioned will have some positive affects, they are not nearly enough. What we really need is a complete detox and purge of the body’s major organs (especially those responsible for ridding the body of waste). This is where a detox comes in.

What is a detox?

A detox is a complete cleaning to assist your full body (major organs) in eliminating toxins. We are constantly attacked by toxins in our foods and environment, which is why a detox is necessary to give the body a reboot on the cellular level. A true detox is multifaceted. This means that you will not do just one thing to detox, but several. This is the holistic way, as we must address all aspects in order to completely heal. When you decide to detox with us, we will ensure that you detox spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We will suggest different therapies for you to try during your detox that will help you attain your goal. You may choose to detox with the COMPLETE BODY DETOX FORMULA (herbal supplements) or with single herbs that you prefer. We can walk you through the process! Just add a consultation to your checkout and we will set up a time to talk.

We offer meal plans and recipes (cost is determined by length of detox and number of recipes needed).

We also offer shopping lists to make choosing food items easier while detoxing. Please inform us of any allergies/sensitivities in advance.
complete body detox
Complete Body Detox (Vegetable Capsules)

This herbal detox contains a total of 5 formulas (taken over a 20-day period) that work in synergy to assist the body in eliminating toxins.

Although these herbs are designed to help you detox, you must remember to do your part as well! It is recommended that, for the duration of this detox, you adhere to a plant-based diet (raw is the absolute best, but if this will prevent you from being successful, you may consume cooked vegetables as well).

Blood Purifier: detoxes and rebuilds the circulatory and lymphatic systems in the body. Also assists the body in eliminating free radicals.

Respiratory Formula: created to assist the lungs (and complete respiratory system) get rid of mucus and other toxins from the airways and tracts.

Kidney/Pancreas Formula: this formula promotes diuresis (urination); it also strengthens the kidneys and helps them detox. Additionally, these herbs support the pancreas in the detoxification process. The pancreas is often times forgotten, but it is a very important organ. Detoxing the pancreas will help maintain its integrity and ability to promote proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Liver & Gallbladder: formulated to help clean the “sluggish liver”. This blend also provides beneficial nourishment to the liver, while assisting with the elimination of environmental toxins that the liver and gallbladder needs to flush out.

Colon Detox Formula: this formula is very gentle, but effective on the colon. It will not make you “run” or feel like you won’t make it to the restroom. Additionally, this blend will not cause painful cramps.

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*Please consult with your PCP prior to beginning any herbal regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease*

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