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Colloidal Gold

We know that colloidal silver effectiveness is very dependent on the electrical charge on each nanoparticle, called Zeta Potential.  Recent colloidal research from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is revealing how nanoparticles work as catalysts to inactivate viruses and bacteria. We at Doyin Holistics® produce a range of the smallest nanoparticles down to mono atomic size in order to combat the most vicious small viruses which cause brain damage.  However, it now appears that this range must include slightly larger particles carrying a specific optimal number of atoms unique to each colloidal mineral, which for silver is 25 – 27. According to KAUST “Nanoparticles with an atomically precise number of constituent atoms have properties based on the particular number of atoms of each individual nanoparticle with unique energetic states and catalytic properties. These atomically precise nanoclusters are the key to understanding catalysis. This allows the clusters to remain in an energetically excited state for a long time whereby the electrons of the metal atoms are shared across the entire cluster, having unique optical and electronic properties”.  KAUST also found that surrounding silver nanoclusters with negatively charged hydrogen rich shells offers new opportunities in catalysis and opto-electronics.  “Simple organic citrate ions, derived from readily available citric acid, can interact with and stabilize colloidal gold nanoparticles to yield the stable nanoparticles needed as powerful catalysts and anti-cancer agents”.  The unique healing properties of combination of Silver and Gold, called Electrum by ancient alchemists, may be explained.  “Altering a single atom in a silver nanocluster considerably changes its properties, creating an exciting opportunity to design these clusters. Replacing a single atom in a cluster of 25 silver atoms with one gold atom fundamentally changes its properties and usefulness”.


Closer ties for silver clusters

Silver nanoparticles’ gold luster

A golden replacement

Electrum is the synergistic combination of silver and gold now surpassing the formulations of the ancient alchemists who explored electrum as an aid to immortality and the opening of ethereal portals to higher dimensions.  It is a powerful sacred elixir, similar to ORMUS, used to rebalance the brain and nervous system and has been reported to have anti inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, especially against brain disorders such as Lyme, Alzheimer’s. Not only are these small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier but may also exhibit quantum interactions with DNA, stem cells, telomeres, microtubules, pineal and consciousness. Electrum has antioxidant power for fighting free radicals which cause cancer and aging, and it may also boost immunity. Active electrons and quantum energy stored in electrum act as homeopathic carriers of preventive and sacred healing potency to shield against the energetic causes of disease, malfunction and misfortune. Silver inactivates parasites of the physical dimensions while gold inactivates parasites of the higher dimensions and activates the pineal (the relay station for higher consciousness). In our proprietary technology using large sheet electrodes of ultrapure gold and silver, atoms are liberated from the electrodes to combine synergistically in a magnetic vortex, and sacred frequencies, at the atomic level, into small clusters of electrically charged nanoparticles (colloids) suspended in pure structured water. Each nanoparticle carries an abundance of free electrons forming a powerful negative Zeta charge capable of zapping any microbe or parasite (like a laser beam).  Electrum nanoparticles act as portals to radiate light visions and sound messages (at both physical and supernatural levels), vastly increasing the resonant characteristics of the energy centers (Chakras) of the human and animal body, especially the pineal gland  (transceiver of higher consciousness). A body fueled by colloidal gold and/or colloidal silver water of optimal quantum active nanoparticle size range of 0.6 to 10 nanometers experiences an extremely enhanced electrical conductivity and quantum interconnectedness between the energy centers of the body of humans, animals, and plants.  When the silver and gold are combined simultaneously to form electrum the body undergoes a quantum shift in its electrical nature and more easily interacts with DNA, into which electrum imparts its sacred intentional messages, through electroluminescence and biophoton communication. Electrum  was recognized in ancient times as representing the combination of male and female. Electrum was used in the Old Kingdom of Egypt, sometimes as an exterior coating to the pyramid atop ancient Egyptian pyramids and obelisks for the purpose of focusing higher dimensional energy.  It was seen as antenna to connect with God the Mother known then as Isis. Scholars identified the Sanskrit term for electrum as ‘Soma’, described as granting eternal life through the luminosity of the electrum nanoparticles consumed in both foods and drinks.    

The consumption of Colloidal Gold is reported to be associated with the following benefits:

  • General feeling of well-being and raised energy levels
  • Enhancement of the body’s natural defenses against illness
  • Increased vitality and longevity
  • Improved glandular function
  • Physical relaxation
  • Repair of damaged DNA
  • Reduced joint inflammation
  • Relief of pain
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Antidepressant effects especially in drug and alcohol addiction

Some of the conditions that are reported to show improvement with the consumption of Colloidal Gold are:
Arthritis, Brain Dysfunction, Cancer, Chills, Circulatory Disorders, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Drug / Alcohol Addiction, Gland Dysfunction, Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Joint Inflammation, Night Sweats, Obesity, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

What are the benefits of Mono-Atomic Colloidal Gold?

While colloidal gold does not have the same germicidal/anti-bacterial action of colloidal silver, colloidal gold is known for its powers as an anti-inflammatory and is reputed to be a powerful glandular rejuvenant with life extension, raised brain function and I.Q. (Frontier Perspectives, Vol 7, No 2, Fall 1998) and pineal enhancing possibilities. It has been known to be effective for easing the pains and swellings of arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, and tendonitis. In former times it was used as an aphrodisiac and to quell the cravings for alcohol, and has been used as a remedy for digestive disorders, circulatory problems, depression, obesity, and burns. Gold is a catalyst for endorphin-like hormones as well as the antioxidant enzyme Super Oxide Desmutase (SOD). Colloidal gold is tasteless and non-toxic.

Some traditional uses include treatments for arthritis, skin ulcers, burns, impotence and certain nerve-end operations. Gold can have a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body particularly with regard to unstable mental and emotional states, such as depression, S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), melancholy, sorrow, fear, despair, anguish, frustration, suicidal tendencies; the maladies commonly referred to as the “sicknesses of the heart”. Gold has been known down through the ages to have a direct effect on the activities of the heart, helping to improve blood circulation. It is known to be beneficial for rejuvenating sluggish organs, especially the digestive system (constipation) and brain.

Gold has been used in cases of glandular and nervous in-coordination, helping to rejuvenate the glands, stimulate the nerves and release nervous pressure. The body’s warmth mechanism may be positively affected by gold, particularly in cases of chills, heat flashes, night sweats and menopausal symptoms. A daily combination of silver and gold mono atomic water appears to support our bodies natural defense system against disease and help promote renewed vitality and longevity.

Doctors Nilo Cairo and A. Brinckmann wrote a best selling work entitled “Materia Medica”, (Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19th Edition, 1965), in which colloidal gold was listed as the number one remedy against obesity. In July 1935, the medical periodical “Clinical, Medicine & Surgery” had an article entitled “Colloidal Gold in Inoperable Cancer” written by Edward H. Ochsner, M.D., Chicago Consulting Surgeon, Augustana Hospital. He stated, “When the condition is hopeless, colloidal gold helps prolong life and makes life much more bearable, both to the patient and to those about them, because it shortens the period of terminal cachexia (general physical wasting and malnutrition usually associated with chronic disease) and greatly reduces pain and discomfort and the need of opiates (narcotics) in a majority of instances.”

“Mystery Solved: Gold’s Power Against Autoimmune Diseases Defined” from:psychcentral.com

Gold compounds have been used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases for more than 75 years, but until now, how the metals work has been a mystery. Harvard Medical School researchers report in the Feb. 27 issue of Nature Chemical Biology that special forms of gold, platinum, and other classes of medicinal metals work by stripping bacteria and virus particles from the grasp of a key immune system protein.

Mystery Solved: Gold’s Power Against Autoimmune Diseases Defined” from: psychcentral.com

Gold compounds have been used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases for more than 75 years, but until now, how the metals work has been a mystery. Harvard Medical School researchers report in the Feb. 27 issue of Nature Chemical Biology that special forms of gold, platinum, and other classes of medicinal metals work by stripping bacteria and virus particles from the grasp of a key immune system protein.

“We were searching for a new drug to treat autoimmune diseases,” says Brian DeDecker, PhD, HMS post-doctoral student in the Department of Cell Biology and a study co author. At the time of this work, DeDecker was in the Harvard Medical School Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology, which uses powerful chemical tools to illuminate complex biological processes and provide new leads for drug development. “But instead we discovered a biochemical mechanism that may help explain how an old drug works.”

DeDecker and co-author Stephen De Wall, PhD, undertook a large scale search for new drugs that would suppress the function of an important component of the immune system, MHC class II proteins, which are associated with autoimmune diseases. MHC class II proteins normally hold pieces of invading bacteria and virus on the surface of specialized antigen presentation cells. Presentation of these pieces alerts other specialized recognition cells of the immune system called lymphocytes, which starts the normal immune response. Usually this response is limited to harmful bacteria and viruses, but sometimes this process goes awry and the immune system turns towards the body itself causing autoimmune diseases such as Juvenile diabetes, Lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

During their search through thousands of compounds they found that the known cancer drug, Cisplatin, a drug containing the metal platinum, directly stripped foreign molecules from the MHC class II protein. From there, they found that platinum was just one member of a class of metals, including a special form of gold, that all render MHC class II proteins inactive.

In subsequent experiments in cell culture, gold compounds were shown to render the immune system antigen presenting cells inactive, further strengthening this connection. These findings now give researches a mechanism of gold drug action that can be tested and explored directly in diseased tissues.

In 1890, a German doctor named Robert Koch found that gold effectively killed the bacteria that caused tuberculosis. In the 1930s, based on a widely held but probably erroneous connection at the time between tuberculosis and rheumatoid arthritis, a French doctor, Jacques Forestier, developed the use of gold drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Gold drugs have been used since then as an effective treatment for this and other autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, but treatment can take months for action and sometimes presents severe side effects which have diminished their use in recent years.

With this new understanding of how these metals function, it may now be possible to develop a new generation of gold-based drugs for treating rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases that are more effective with fewer side effects.

Source: Harvard Medical School

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