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Lightspeed delivery & amazing quality!
- George

Doyin Holistics colloidal gold and silver Electrum is great stuff! I take it daily to keep my immune system right.

- Latonya

The highest quality African Black Soap I've had yet. I was extremely satisfied! 

- Jauntae Ali 

High quality premium products and I love their packaging. Great customer service too!


The colloidal silver bar soaps has really helped my daughter's eczema.

-Katrina Watkins

Insect Repellent


All natural, DEET free insect repellent that really works.

Paraben free
Phthalate free

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All natural, DEET free insect repellent that really works. Castor oil base with the some of the most effective and safe essential oils. This insect repellent is safe to use on children and around pets. Leaves no residue. Essential oils used are lemongrass, rosemary, cedarwood, lavender, basil, citronella, thyme, geranium and peppermint.
This spray also contains organic aloe vera and colloidal silver, and isopropyl alcohol.

Paraben free
Phthalate free

You can feel comfortable knowing you can enjoy nature without placing toxic chemicals on your skin. An added bonus is how wonderful this insect repellent smells!

4 oz spray bottle

Out of stock


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