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Colloidal Silver Facial Detox Bar


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This bar was created to help combat all skin issues, but particularly acne! The activated charcoal in this soap assists with clearing the bacteria in acne (yes, acne is basically bacteria; that’s why we usually see “pus” if we pop pimples). Activated charcoal is also anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe inflammation caused by acne. It also helps with the appearance of scars and blemishes and reduces excess oil in the skin. These are just some of the benefits that activated charcoal has on the skin. Let’s talk about the turmeric in this bar of soap. Research has shown that turmeric is very beneficial for fighting acne. It works by helping to fight the underlying causes of skin inflammation (which leads to the acne).

*If you decide to use turmeric as a part of your anti-acne regimen, please discontinue the use of any OTC topical medications. You do not want to dry your skin out too much, as this may cause a breakout as well.


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