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Lightspeed delivery & amazing quality!
- George

Doyin Holistics colloidal gold and silver Electrum is great stuff! I take it daily to keep my immune system right.

- Latonya

The highest quality African Black Soap I've had yet. I was extremely satisfied! 

- Jauntae Ali 

High quality premium products and I love their packaging. Great customer service too!


The colloidal silver bar soaps has really helped my daughter's eczema.

-Katrina Watkins

Colloidal Platinum


While many health benefits have been attributed to colloidal platinum over the years, its main modality of action, and the reason why its benefits are so multifaceted. It has the ability to reinvigorate the life force. It has also been used to treat cancer.

Colloidal platinum increases the coherence of the electrical impulses that pass along the synapses of the brain. As a result, many experience greater mental clarity and clairvoyance with platinum. Colloidal platinum has also been used in various cancer treatments. Colloidal Platinum has also been shown to regenerate the tissues of the heart, thymus and the entire endocrine system. It has harmonic frequency that optimizes DNA function and protects the body against degenerative disease.

Gold enhances and amplifies the improved mental clarity that colloidal platinum propagates. These heightened mental states will also enhance our creativity during awakening hours and may promote lucid dreaming while sleeping. There is some research that shows platinum and silver synergistically working together inhibit cancer proliferation.


Promotes increased mental focus and concentration
Promotes enhanced mental acuity
Supports healthy tissue regeneration of the heart tissue, thymus and the entire endocrine system
Promotes increased creativity
Promotes lucid dreaming
Promotes improved memory
Supports DNA repair
Promotes increased libido in both males and females
Has anti-cancer properties


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