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Lightspeed delivery & amazing quality!
- George

Doyin Holistics colloidal gold and silver Electrum is great stuff! I take it daily to keep my immune system right.

- Latonya

The highest quality African Black Soap I've had yet. I was extremely satisfied! 

- Jauntae Ali 

High quality premium products and I love their packaging. Great customer service too!


The colloidal silver bar soaps has really helped my daughter's eczema.

-Katrina Watkins

Colloidal Palladium


Palladium is a powerful antioxidant. As an example of a direct application in fat cells, when the molecular reconfiguration of fat cells begins to take place and the fat is reallocated for burning, in many cases free-radicals are released into the blood stream as oxidants, and Palladium does a superb job containing and eliminating them. It also works to strengthen the liver and kidneys, which are tied through traditional healing methods and modalities the world over to one’s vitality, or life-force, if you like, which when increased also increases the internal fire, for more vigorous and healthy sexual functioning.

Palladium also smooths the walls of the intestinal tract, is an anticoagulant, increases stomach acids and enzymes for more efficient digestion, and calms the heart. Pound for pound, it’s the strongest of all metals, and this reflects in an increasing muscle and tissue strength and stamina in the user. It is also said to increase the presence, efficiency and distribution of oxygen, and therefore assists in more efficient and uninhibited circulation. Over the last few years, it has been gaining some serious ground in health and healing circles, especially in peak performance athletics.


Superb Anti-Oxidant
Promotes enhanced mental acuity
Promotes good vision tissue regeneration
Supports regeneration of Cones and rods for the eyes and the taste buds of the tongue


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